Audi RS5 Chiptuning Performance Upgrade RaceTools

Ausgesprochen gelassen, fast schon lässig, verhält sich das RS5 Coupé 2.9 TFSI mit dem RaceTools Chiptuning Performance Upgrade. Allerdings nur so lange Ruhe gefordert ist.
Just im Moment der Leistungsanforderung geht der RS impulsiver denn je zu Werke. Bis zu 543 PS (Serie 451PS) streben in Sekundenbruchteilen nach Vorne während sich zeitgleich bis zu 720 NM (Serie 600 NM) mechanische Energie am Asphaltbild zu schaffen machen und die Tachonadel katapultartig Richtung 300 km/h ausschlägt. RaceTools Performance Upgrade für Audi RS5 2.9 TFSI: Like a Boss.

The RS5 Coupé 2.9 TFSI behaves in a relaxed, almost casual manner with the RaceTools Chiptuning Performance Upgrade. However, only so long rest is required.
Just in the moment of the performance requirement, the RS is more impulsive than ever. Up to 543 hp (series 451PS) strive forward in fractions of a second while at the same time up to 720 NM (series 600 NM) make mechanical energy on the asphalt surface and the speedometer needle catapults towards 300 km/h. Performance if wanted, sovereignty and serenity if required. RaceTools Performance Upgrade for Audi RS5 2.9 TFSI: Like a Boss.

The RaceTools easy fitting Performance Kit is an ideal companion in any driving situation, it offers great engine power increase and is ideal for use as part of a comfort and fuel saving properties system. Boosting the pure pleasure of driving – quite simply to install.

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